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No matter how skilled you, your family or friends, may be at improvisation, you and they are sure to get a special thrill from the PhonOcord "Scripts of the Month." Professionally prepared and pretested by the PhonOcord Family Jury-with all production details and sound effects worked out-these PhonOcord scripts can make parties events your friends will talk about for months.

Whether it be a gripping dramatic playlet, a rollicking comedy or an impossible farce-a PhonOcord script is designed to spark endless fun and amusement in the home. Yes, laughs when you make it, and more laughs when you play it back and still more laughs a week, a month, or a year later when you play it back again, to the original "cast" or their friends.

To keep your fireside parties fresh and entertaining Packard-Bell has made available its monthly PhonOcord script service. Be sure that you are on the mailing list to receive your copies regularly.

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