Radio Script Dictionary

All of the Packard-Bell PhonOcord radio scripts are written by professional radio writers and, consequently, technical terms are used throughout the scripts. In order that you may read the professional scripts in making your own radio show, here is a brief radio script dictionary giving the terminology used in the Packard-Bell PhonOcord scripts.
AD LIB: To extemporize lines not written in the script . . . to speak at will.

BACKGROUND: Sound or talking to be used behind dialogue or other program material.

BODY FALL: A direction to the person handling the sound effects which calls for a falling body, used after someone has fainted, been murdered or been tripped.

CAST: (NOUN) All the performers on program. (VERB) Selection of performers.

CONTINUITY: Prepared copy for a radio program . . . a script.

CREDITS: Names of persons appearing on program and roles they portrayed.

CUT: To stop anything abruptly . . . to delete part of the script.

CUT IN: Direction to bring in sound abruptly.

DEAD MIKE: A microphone that isn't connected.

FADE: A fade of volume done manually by turning the volume control on the PhonOcord.

FADE IN: Direction to player or sound effects to start action at a point approximately ten feet from the microphone and move directly to a point in front of the microphone during dialogue or sound effect. This gives the effect of someone coming into the room or approaching the scene of action.

FADE OUT: The opposite of "Fade In" which gives the effect of someone leaving the scene of action.

HAM IT: Overacting purposely.

HOLD IN BG: A direction to continue the sound in the background. For example, if the script called for the sound of water running and there was a notation to "Hold in B.G.", this means the sound effect of the water running would continue to the direction "Cut."

HOT MIKE: A live microphone . . . one through which the current is flowing.

INUENUE: Actress with young, pleasant voice.

IN UNDER: Sound direction to fade sound in under the dialogue to follow.

JUVENILE: Performer who has an adolescent voice.

KILL: To stop anything abruptly . . . to cut something out of the script.

KILL MIKE: To cut microphone off abruptly.

LIVE MIKE: Same as "Hot Mike."

MC: Master-of-ceremonies . . . the performer who carries the show, acting as host.

MIKE: The microphone.

MOB SCENE: Cast ad libbing to give the effect of a large crowd.

OFF MIKE: Direction to actor or sound effect to perform away from the microphone giving the effect of distance.

ON: The opposite of "Off Mike". . . directed toward live microphone.

OVER SOUND: Direction to performer to read dialogue without waiting for sound effects.

SCRIPT: A manuscript or continuity for radio performers.

SNEAK IN: Direction to fade in sound effects under dialogue.

SOTTO VOICE: Direction to performer to keep voice low and confidential. . . in an undertone.

SOUND EFFECTS: Various devices used to produce sounds that clearly picture the story the performers are trying to enact.

STAGE WHISPER: Exaggerated whisper.

TAKE: An abrupt break in dialogue to show surprise or alarm.

WHODUNIT: A mystery program.

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