Packard-Bell PhonOcord

For Happier Living The Packard-Bell PhonOcord
Combination Radio Phonograph Home Recorder
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RecordsMagnificent in its beauty, thrilling in its performance, outstanding in its versatility-the PhonOcord opens new horizons of delight in home entertainment Radio, phonograph and home recorder in one precision-perfect unit-each feature separately and together fulfilling the highest standards of Packard-Bell engineering craftsmanship and dependable operation.

The Radio has the exclusive "Stationized Dial," a "radio log" at your fingertips for effortless tuning. The Phonograph imparts perfect fidelity to your favorite popular and classical records, and plays back your own recordings with life-like realism. The faultless, automatic Recorder - complete with microphone - records everything spoken, sang or played at home, or your favorite radio programs as they come over the air.

PhonOcord's equally striking tonal qualities are Achieved by *UMVF-Universal Matched Volume Fidelity a new dimension in electronic design, exclusive with Packard-Bell. UMVF recaptures and restores to both radio programs and records the most subtle shadings of voice and music hitherto lost in transmission.

Inspiration, recreation, self-expression - to these new horizons of wholesome pleasure Packard-Bell dedicates PhonOcord - "The World's Greatest Entertainer" - and this little book-both conceived in the interests of happier living.

*Pronounced "Oomph."

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