PhonOcord Playhouse
First Aids for Record Making Fun

For best results in making and playing back your records, use Packard-Bell PhonOcord recording discs, the famous Packard-Bell precision-tooled cutting stylus (needle) and the Packard-Bell permanent playback needle.

Two types of Packard-Bell PhonOcord discs are available in various sizes. The unbreakable acetate alumimim professional type disc is preferred for those "very special" records you'll want to keep forever. Laminated Fabrex discs offer excellent quality and only slightly less permanence for record making at minimum cost.

The Packard-Bell PhonOcord recording stylus (cutting needle) is precision engineered. Each stylus is individually tested and, like all Packard-Bell products, is guaranteed to meet the highest standards of perfection.
The Sapphire-tipped Packard-Bell playback needle will bring out the quality and protect the life of your home recordings, as well as your favorite popular and classical phonograph records.

Obtain These Quality Record-Making Aids From Your Packard-Bell Dealer.
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