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Portable PhonOcord

Wherever you go a Portable Packard-Bell PhonOcord will capture moments you will always want to remember. Compact, streamlined and handsome, the new portable PhonOcord can be the gayest companion on every excursion.

A week-end trip to the mountains or sea shore, a trip around the world or perhaps a picnic in your patio can become an occasion you'll never forget. Your impressions of new friends and new places can be recorded at the end of every day. The voices of these new people you meet-your "stopover" visits with relatives far away the manners, customs and speech of foreign places-all these can be brought home with yon to share with others and to relive in golden memories that become vividly real merely by pressing a button.

Your travel diary in sound-your Magic Carpet to unroll at will. PhonOcord as you go-to make each trip an everlasting thrill.

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