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Frame Ups

"Frame-ups," in the party sense, offer an endless variety of methods for putting one or more guests "on the spot" painlessly and with a maximum of enjoyment for all. (Note: It heightens the fun if all the guests, except those being "framed" are in on the joke and participate in it.)

Following are a few "frame-up" ideas guaranteed to ensnare even the most wary and to ensure hilarity:

If one of your guests has recently received a promotion or been elected to some official position in a service or social club, arrange a mock trial on charges that he or she has become difficult to get along with since the promotion. Host, hostess or one of the guests may act as prosecuting attorney; other guests will be called as witnesses. The more grotesque and palpably untrue the testimony of the witnesses, the more hilarious the recording. For example:

Mrs. Jones, the guest on trial a timid retiring soul, is accused of making wild threats against her subordinates. Or if Mr. Smith, a "life of the party" type is to be put "on the spot," the testimony against him should be to the effect that he has refused to speak to anyone since the momentous event and ludicrous instances of this refusal may be cited. The guest being "framed" is then allowed to question the witnesses in self-defense and to attempt a rebuttal.

An amusing variation of the "Frame Up" idea is a PhonOcord interview in which the victim chosen is allotted one stock answer to all questions put to him. For example, the answer might be Red Skelton's famous line: "I dood it." Following are a few suggestions for mirth provoking questions to be answered by "I dood it."

"How did you happen to have such a large family?"

"What did you say when your wife accused you of flirting with Miss or Mrs . . . (use name of another guest.")

"Do you believe in polygamy?"

"What do you say when someone comments on your wife's zany new hat?"

"Can you imagine yourself committing a murder?"

"Where were you when the family silver was stolen recently?"

"Don't you think Mrs--- has a pretty child?"

Another fun-pocked PhonOcord "frame-up" is "Blind Questions"

Before the party assembles, record a question which will lend itself to a humorous answer such as "W hat do you particularly admire about Mr. or Mrs. . . . (use name of guest to be present at party). When the guests arrive, give them a completely different question (this time off mike) and record their various answers. Although they are unaware of it, they will be answering the previously recorded question. The second question might be: "What are the features you like best about your automobile?"' If the guest answers, for example: "Its low-slung chassis," the playback of the record will disclose that what Mr. X. . . particularly admires about Mrs. Jones is her low-slung chassis. The answers of the other guests are sure to be equally ridiculous and will make this game a high spot in the evening's entertainment.

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