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Each new Packard-Bell feature, each new design, each new model represents a bold, confident step forward in performance and beauty.

Creators of such noted advances as the Self-contained AC table model, the famous "Sationized Dial" and the first fully automatic home recorder, Packard-Bell now adds to its list of achievements UMVF - Universal Matched Volume Fidelity - a revolutionary development in tone dimension.

UMVF strikes a "new note" in tonal richness, because it restores to radio programs and phonograph records the full range of voice and music usually suppressed in radio and recording studio. Automatically recapturing these "lost chords," UMVF adds warmth and vitality to the music of your choice . . . keeping bass tones clear and rich at the lowest volume, high notes serene and vibrationless at any volume level, and preventing distortion or needle jumping when making home or off-the-air recordings.

UMVF - the soul of your PhonOcord -- maintains perfect harmony of tone at all levels of listening and recording.

In cabinet designs matching these outstanding performance features, the PhonOcord symbolizes Packard-Bell's notable contribution to happiness for all ages . . . for all tastes . . . for all who love living.

Packard-Bell: The world's largest selling radio and radio-phonograph-recording combinations.

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