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Word Fun

Challenge your guests' quick-wittedness with a word association game. This requires two people-one to read the list of words, the other to counter immediately with a word called to mind by the first. If the person questioned fails to answer instantly, the questioner must continue with the next word on the list. When the guests have finished, play back the record and total up the scores, which may, be rated either on the basis of the number of words answered or on the cleverness of the answer.

This game is especially good fun for the amateur psychologist as the answers are usually an index to character and thinking.

For example: The questioner gives the word "Mother-in-law": the answer is often "nuisance" or some equally revelatory word which leaves no doubt as to the contestant's opinion on the subject. Following is a list of provocative words to which you may add at will.

Dentist Corner
Lawyer Sky
Home Blue
Fire Ice
Wall Bed

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