PhonOcord Playhouse
Talk Fest

This game tends to prove or disprove the time-honored contention that women are greater talkers than men. Select two contestants, a man and a woman, and ask them to make a thirty second speech into the microphone. They may choose the same subject or different subjects. The idea is that they must both talk fast and furiously without stopping. It adds to the general hilarity if each sex discusses a subject generally considered in the domain of the other.

For example: the man might discuss "How to Put on Make-Up" while his feminine counterpart holds forth on "How to Load a Rifle." The fact that each is talking at the same time produces a riotous mix-up of subjects, guaranteed to ensure the success of any party. The winner is awarded the record as a prize. He or she will enjoy playing it over for friends at home since PhonOcord records can be played on any type of machine.

Suggested Subjects for Discussion:

  • How to bathe a baby
  • How to flirt without making your husband jealous
  • How to buy feminine undies
  • How to inveigle a fur coat from your husband
  • How to explain a late night out to your wife
  • How to change a fuse
  • How to make your friends believe that you really caught that fish
  • How to tell the little woman you don't like her hat without hurting her feelings

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