PhonOcord Playhouse
The Secret of
Good Sound Effects

When good friends gather for PhonOcord fun, sound effects add such to the hilarity. In serious recording, also. they play an important part. Experimentation with various objects around the house or purchased at dime stores will prove fascinating, while practice will enable you to make your sound effects realistic, accurate and well timed.

Throughout this book and with all PhonOcord scripts the sound effects are fully described and, where necessary, their method of reproduction is explained. There is also a PhonOcord sound effects kit available containing many versatile devices.

Here, are a few basic sound effects to get started toward a "homemade" repertoire that will amaze your friends:

Bone Cracking: Break a small bundle of large macaroni.

Brake Squealing: Inflate a sausage balloon to two feet or more, tie end with rubber band, moisten fingertips and drag slowly from one end to the other.

Breaking Glass: Drop several small metal plates onto a metal tray or other hard surface.

Clock Ticking: Use a regular alarm clock or tap successively two different hard surfaces with a pencil point.

Cork Popping: Click your tongue against the roof of your mouth.

Door Slamming: Use medium-size book, stand it on one of its corners on a hard flat surface. Slam book down on this surface, first hitting along one edge, then fattening it against the surface.

Falling: Drop a heavy 'phone book to the floor, at the same time drop several pieces of silverware into a kitchen pan.

Fire: Crinkle cellophane very gently about six inches from the microphone.

Rain: Pour bird seed from a paper bag into a glass.

Telephone or Loudspeaker Voice: Talk into a deep bowl or hold your nose while talking directly into microphone.

Wind Howling: Blow through your teeth and lips across the microphone but not directly into it.

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