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Party Preview

When your guests start arriving for a PhonOcord party, greet them in the manner of a radio commentator interviewing the arrivals at a Hollywood motion picture premiere. As you start the record, set the stage by saying: "'This broadcast is coming to you from the home of Mr. and Mrs. (name of hosts) in (name of city), where a brilliant gathering of the community's most prominent social lights is attending a party in honor of (state occasion or guest of honor)."

Continue this mock "premiere" by interviewing the arriving guests, asking them to express their reasons for attending this party, describe what the ladies are wearing (either seriously or humorously), comment on the weather, their children, their preference (or hopes) of refreshments, etc. In order to avoid "mike shyness" have at least one amusing question ready for them which you can use over and over again since the guests won't arrive all at the same time.

For example: "Do you believe that life begins at 40-or would you rather give your exact age?"

When all the guests have assembled, the "payoff"' comes when you play this record back on the PhonOcord. The ensuing laughter, astonishment and delight bring their own reward of a party off to a great start with the ice broken and everyone feeling at ease.

Hidden Mike: Another clever way to warm up a party is to record the comments and greetings of your guests as they arrive-but with the microphone hidden. Since the PhonOcord microphone is extremely sensitive it may be placed three to four feet from the door, behind a stack of books, a screen or other place of concealment. When the doorbell rings, you merely push the recording button and every word that's said is automatically recorded.

A few pointed questions about other guests due to arrive later will help get remarks that will bring the house down when this record is played back to the entire gathering.

For example: "Do you happen to know whether Charlie is still beating his wife?" (You don't ask this one if there's any possibility that Charlie does beat his wife.)

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