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The Technique of
Good Home Recording

Amazing as it may seem, making your own records with the PhonOcord is just as easy as playing a phonograph record. Any one, even a child, can make faultless home or off-the-air recordings with push-button simplicity. From the moment the cutting head is set to the time the record is finished, no watching, fussing nor dial twiddling is necessary.

Because the PhonOcord incorporates UMVF, an exclusive feature that controls the volume automatically, there is no danger of the cutting stylus jumping the groove when you shout, nor will the softest whisper be skipped. Added assurance of trouble-free recording is made possible by the professional "inside out" operation-exactly the same technique used by broadcasting studios.

These suggestions should be followed in making different types of recordings.

Microphone Recording: Press button marked "Mic Record" before setting cutting head down on record. Speak in normal voice about one foot from microphone except when attempting special effects in acting, singing, speaking, etc.

Off-the-Air Recordings: Tune in the program you wish to record. Press the button marked "Radio Record" before putting cutting head down. Do not touch volume control nor any of the dials because your PhonOcord records automatically at the proper tonal level to include the finest shades of voice or music. Though you may have been playing your radio loud or soft, the PhonOcord record you are making while listening will, when you play it back, reproduce the performance at the perfect level of reproduction.

Mixed Recording: Tune in the program you wish to record then press the button marked "Mixed Program"; sing, speak; or play into microphone as usual and you will find that your performance blends perfectly with the performance coming over the air. You may vary the volume level of the microphone by holding closer or farther away.

Note: When properly adjusted (according to instruction book) PhonOcord cutting head cuts a clean, even "shaving" that usually "winds itself up" without snarling or fouling the cutting stylus. When the record is finished, a small brush (such as provided in the PhonOcord Introductory Kit) may be used to sweep away the "shaving" neatly. In the case of acetate coated records this waste material should be disposed of carefully, as it is inflammable.

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