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The worlds great religions and traditions have many common threads. One such thread is the Dragons. Sometimes benevolent; sometimes malevolent, but always very ancient, the Dragons can be found from China to Scandinavia. Often what we would term a Dragon is described in other terms. Quezalcoatl, the "Feather Serpent" from Mexico, and the "Leviathan" from the Old Testament of the Judaic-Christian world were for all intents and purposes, Dragons.

Since his own enlightenment at the age of 29, P. Douglas-Oon has devoted his life to helping others experience their own true nature, by way of the lost teachings of the Dragon Masters. P. Douglas-Oon was born in Salem, Oregon on October 4th, 1957.

While on a vision-fast in the Cascade foothills, he was introduced to the entity, M. Threek-Oon. During her biological existence, the entity Threek-Oon was a Capthraw; A long extinct race of civilized Bird-Lizards that ruled the Earth millions of years ago. Indeed, it was these beings that gave rise these many stories of Dragons that have long been part of every human culture.

The entity Threek-Oon chose P. Douglas-Oon to be her channel for the lost history of the pre-human Earth, and to enlighten the world with the knowledge of the Dragon Masters. To further this goal, SLU was formed as a non-profit information distribution organization.

From the small Oregon Intentional Community of Thrawnbergh, located along side the Abiqua Creek, the ancient Dragon Masters live again through the volumes of channelled information. These discourses are recorded verbatim, and by making use of the latest communication technologies, the S.L.U. has transcribed the teachings of the entity Threek-Oon into books, audio tapes, video tapes as well as computer data formats.

Through these multi-media channels, this once forgotten aspect of our world, is once again alive.

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