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The ProphetThe Prophet was walking through the reptile house at the zoo when the revelation came. For the last couple of weeks he had been pouring over everything he could find at the public library on Dinosaurs. He was spurned on by an obscure article in the local newspaper, which he found buried deep within section "D," on page 9.

"Cosmic Catastrophe Kills Dinosaurs" the headline read. A new theory, based on recent geologic discoveries, painted a picture of a very large meteor striking the Earth and punching a hole through the planet's crust, allowing molten material from the inner layers to escape in the form of massive outpourings of volcanic ash.

Ash blocks the Sun - Planet grows dark and cold - Plants Die - Dinosaurs Die. An inner voice told him to learn more, and now, armed with his newly acquired knowledge of the "Terrible Lizards," he was eyeing the "modern day" reptiles as the lightning bolt of pure crystalline reality materialized in his mind; The Dragons.

The Dragons existed in a wide variety of human folklore, from all around the world. Sometimes benevolent, often malevolent, but always very, very ancient. He had always reasoned that such widespread myths most certainly had roots in some common truth.

And now he knew the truth. The Dragons not only were real, but they were still around even today, guiding human culture from some distant place. He was intrusted with this insight in order that he might serve the Dragon-Masters. He alone was chosen by them in order that the divine plan be fulfilled.

The inner voice commanded that he dictate the history of the Dragons. He spent his entire welfare check on food, a small cassette recorder, several boxes of trash bags and lots of blank cassettes. He proceeded to put it all into his backpack and headed deep into the wilderness to record the story of the Dragons, an ancient history going back millions of years.

For the next several months, he dictated the Dragon saga into his recorder, leaving the wilderness only to collect his welfare checks and buy supplies: High fibre cereals, batteries and blank cassettes. He constructed a simple weather-proofed geodesic shelter out of the trash bags and alder shoots, up a remote canyon, at the base of a waterfall.

Over the course of time, the storage of the ever-growing files of filled cassettes became the primary concern of the prophet, with the dictation, while still prolific, was now taking a back seat to the construction of the shelter. By the middle of june, the "Dragon Dome" was finally complete.

Late into the summer while he was in town for monthly supplies, he happened to glance down at the newspaper rack. To his horror, the front page featured a photograph of several law enforcement officers standing in front of his shelter holding boxes of tapes. The headline read:

"Remote Pot Farm? Raid Yields Only Bizarre Tapes!"

"During a routine 'Green Harvest' over flight of state forest land, officers from several different law enforcement agencies investigated what at first appeared as a large cannabis grow operation. Upon closer examination, it was discovered that inside the dark green plastic dome was not pot, but literally hundreds of cassette tapes, neatly numbered, and packed away in plastic wrapped boxes. The owner of the tapes remains a mystery . . ."
Panic gripped him. He just stared at the paper as the hysteria welled up inside of him. The inner voice finally calmed him down. Was this a part of the plan? The inner voice commanded, and he obeyed. He headed to the county courthouse, and informed the woman at the window that he had come for his tapes. She went and got the Sheriff's Deputy instead.

At first he was arrested for residing on State Forest land without a permit. But as the media covered the story, including the contents of the tapes, the prophet began to develop quite a following. A number of lawyers came forward to volunteer their services, and one finally got him off and the tapes back. The judge had decided to himself that the negative publicity of convicting an eccentric vagrant was much more harmful than dropping the charge altogether. And besides, he kind of liked the crazy guy.

Soon he was quite famous. By videotaping his "Dragon Raps," he was able to bring the plan to the People. Many of those who had seen him describe his life's mission, eagerly volunteered to serve with the Prophet. Soon his tapes were transcribed into true book form, which rapidly sold out.

Through the donations of the faithfull, more books have been able to be published, and the cycle continues. By way of the Prophet, the entity Threek-Oon has helped to instruct us in the organizational management techniques of the Dragon Masters.

Today, thanks to this continued guidance, the Prophet's followers have been able to establish "Thrawnbergh"; a model community based on the ancient teachings of the Dragon Masters. From this base of operations, we continue to bring fourth the once lost teachings of this ancient race, and to work towards the final fullfillment of the plan.

P. Richard-Oon
Thrawnbergh - February, 1988
Green Line

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