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Starting with over seven acres of empty land in the foothills of the Cascades in Western Oregon, the disciples of the Entity M. Threek-Oon have over the last several years converted a deserted second growth forest into the working infra-structure of a modern multi-dimensional information based community.

When the first SLU Associates arrived here, all that existed was a forested hillside, clear mountain stream and fresh spring water. The projects that lay before the Associates in this wilderness was vast: All essential services had to be greatly improved, or started from scratch.

Hundreds of yards of hiking trails needed to be cleared to make way for the expanding camp. Once access was improved, basic shelters were assembled by Associate construction crews. Out on the land, the community's farmers began preparing fields that had been laying unused for many years.

In the summer, the associates welcomed the beloved guest at the Salem Bus Terminal. P. Douglas-Oon, primary channel for the entity Threek-Oon had been invited to stay at the camp in a special guest house, along with his entourage of secondary channels, in the hope that the clean air and sunny climate would contribute to the improvement of his health.

To feed the many associates, a modern dining facility was constructed. Known as Oon's Kitchen, it has its own microwave, refrigeration equipment and cultured meat vats from which a wide range of non-animal derived meat products are cloned.

Other construction projects completed at this time include this modern Dihydrogen Oxide containment platform, Solar Shower Tower, and other unique meditatively located shelters such as the famous "Cliff House," built over looking the raging Abiqua Creek.

And all of this work was accomplished by the work of the Associates themselves, drawing on advice from the many forest and earth spirits when needed.

In addition to farming and new construction projects, SLU Associates also prepared for the Commune's annual Abiqua Cooler Campout and Water Festival, a quasi-religious festival held in the presence of the entity Threek-Oon.

The quality of food and facilities was greatly appreciated by the many visiting Associates from throughout the known universe.

The inspiration for the festival, as well as for all the incredible work that has been done here at Thrawnbergh during the past years is the channeled visions of the entity Threek-Oon. It is through her channel, P. Douglas-Oon that the many SLU Associates are transforming this piece of Oregon forest into a state-of-the-art informational distribution community.

Green Line

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