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The Capthraw:
The Inhabitants of Thrawn

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The intelligent beings of Thrawn averaged a little more than a meter and a half in height, and referred to themselves as the "Capthraw," which in their language meant simply, "we that are." They were descendant from creatures that Humans would at first term reptilian; only upon closer examination, they would be much closer to birds than the reptiles familiar today. For although they lacked wings, they had small feathers and were warm blooded.

In appearance, humans would consider them quite monstrous; big green feathered lizard looking creatures with large black eyes and pupils similar to a goat's. An egg shaped head was attached to the end of a long snakelike neck, and each hand sported three long thin fingers, which included opposable thumbs.

Like humans, they were bipedal, and they possessed a short, stiff tail, with oversized powerful legs. Each foot had a sharp, curved claw, a vestige from a carnivorous heritage. They were direct decendants of the "Troodontidae" group of dinosaurs, that flourished globally near the end of the period of time humans refer to as the Cretaceous period.

Brain size in relation to body weight was a little less than the human norm, and their respiratory system, thanks to the higher oxygen levels, was smaller than ours. Water was obtained from inhalation of the "thick" humid air of the Thrawnian atmosphere.

After a period of pre-technological barbarism which lasted several thousand years, they rapidly began to expand their global culture beyond their home world to the neighboring planets; first as explorers, then prospectors. And finally as immigrants. They even transformed many of the countless comets and asteroids into self sustaining biosystems.

Ironically, it was a similar type of object that destroyed their world as they knew it.

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