For PhonOcord Owners

Do you have fun at your house? When guests drop in. unexpectedly, or even at your invitation, do you sometimes wonder what you can do to entertain them? Thousands of enthusiastic PhonOcord owners have told us of the important part their PhonOcord plays in entertaining their families and friends. We're passing on some of their ideas to you.

Just for an ice-breaker, here's a stunt that will prove to be as amusing as it is novel. Using a large disc, have your PhonOcord all set to record. Before you answer your doorbell to greet your first guest or guests, turn on the PhonOcord and it will record the conversation between you and your guests. Turn off the PhonOcord, and when the doorbell rings again, repeat the procedure. Ask your guests leading questions about the others who will be at your party. When everyone has arrived and settled down, play back your recording and your party will be off to a hilarious evening!

Perhaps you're having a cocktail party or a buffet supper . . . conceal the microphone near the table - it will record the comments of your guests as they are helping themselves to punch or sandwiches. The playback will be an amusing surprise to everyone presen!

Use the enclosed Script-of-the-Month to produce your own play! Assign the job of director to one of your guests - let another be the sound effects man - and then cast your play. Sometimes it's even more fun to have the men take the female roles and vice versa. And the ad libbed lines that are not in the script are frequently much funnier than the prepared script! Try doing the characters in various accents - the more departures you make from the script, the more fun you'll nave!

Then when everyone is in a mellow mood, start them singing! The old favorites are usually the best ones to record and the urge to harmonize will eventually crop out. The playback of a song fest is sometimes startling but even if there's more discord than harmony, it will be a permanent record of the fun you've had!

These are just a few of the many ways in which you can use your PhonOcord as a center of entertainment. And remember, for best results, always use PhonOcord discs and cutting needles - it may mean the difference between a good or a bad recording!

The PhonOcord usually steals the show at any party or gathering . . . you've probably discovered that already . . . but there are countless ways in which you can use your PhonOcord when you're alone or just with the family. One of these ways is making records of radio programs.

Perhaps you're a symphony fan . . . maybe you prefer "swing" music . . . but whether you go in for the "long-hair" music or the type the younger set says is tops, you can make your own records, automatically right from the radio! Many times great singers, musicians, bands, etc. will broadcast selections which have not been recorded . . . you can capture that music for your future enjoyment . . . and for a permanent place in your record library . . . with your PhonOcord!

Like all of us, you undoubtedly have your favorite radio programs. Don't you try to make it a point to listen to Jack Benny, Bob Hope, Fibber McGee and Molly or some of the other outstanding programs? And haven't you often been disappointed when you were forced to miss your favorite program? You won't have to miss any more . . . now that you own a PhonOcord! If you aren't able to listen to your favorite show, have someone in your family record it for you . . . then you can play it back at your leisure.

Did you like history when you were in school? Whether you did or didn't, think how much more fascinating it would have been if you could have heard Lincoln deliver his Gettysburg Address! And how much more meaning Patrick Henry's famous speech would have if you could actually hear it! The first toll of the Liberty Bell . . . Washington's Inaugural Address . . . all through history momentous occasions could have been preserved for posterity if they had been recorded! Start your own History Album now . . . political speeches, the President's addresses,. newscasts of important events . . . they're all worthy of a special place in your record collection.

One man we know makes a hobby of discovering talent. He records all of' the Metropolitan Auditions of the Air, various amateur programs, etc. and then watches the progress of the artists in subsequent radio appearances. It gives him a great deal of satisfaction when a comparative unknown, whose voice or music he particularly likes and has recorded from the beginning, breaks into the big time!

However, for the best recordings, whether directly from the radio or from the microphone, always use Packard-Bell discs and needles. They are manufactured especially for use with the PhonOcord and you can be sure of a perfect record every time when you use them.

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