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Family Album

In great grandmother's time important events such as weddings, a new baby, a golden anniversary, were duly solemnized by a visit to the local photographer, which resulted in a stark portrait usually devoid of any individuality. Grandmother had her Kodak to fill in the gaps in family history and make the album a more complete chronicle.

Today, the PhonOcord adds a new dimension to treasured memories. Baby's first word now takes its place in the family album as well as baby's first smile. As the child grows older succeeding stages of development, the first day in school, the first party, graduation, wedding, etc. are all duly recorded for enjoyment throughout the years. And because making this sound record is such a simple and inexpensive operation, it is no longer necessary to communicate only state occasions. The family album becomes a day by day record of family living.

In the making of home movies, too, the PhonOcord can play an important role. Narration can be recorded when the film is run for the first tiroc or used in conjunction with the taking of the film. Thus a home wedding ceremony, retains the vividness of the moment to be enjoyed time and again.

Visits of friends, relatives and family reunions and Thanksgiving, Christmas and other holidays stay "on record" to enjoy again "exactly as it happened" and, perhaps, pass on as a precious heritage to future generations.

From time immemorial, "Grandma" has occupied a special niche in the hearts of the family. Her voice, whether heard in gentle admonition or in loding counsel, is a dear and familiar landmark in childhood memories.

Today that voice can be preserved forever through the PhonOcord. The bedtime stories that only "Grandma" knew how to tell can be recorded for generations still to come, the age-old homilies whose truth became apparent to us only as we grew up can be treasured for all time to lend strength and comfort to stormy hours when we no longer have the solace of Grandma's living presence.

So with a sweetheart, husband, child or friend . . . Loved voices live forever in your PhonOcord family album.

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