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Good Cheer

During the war PhonOcord voice letters played an important role in maintaining the morale of the homesick soldier. They made it possible for the fighting man to share intimately in the lives of those he had left behind, to forget for a few welcome moments the death and destruction surrounding him and to dream of being home in a world at peace.

In war or in peace, keeping in touch is a fundamental part of living. Friends, members of the family who live in different parts of the country can achieve a new closeness through PhonOcord voice letters. All the small events which are part of the daily pattern of our lives and which take so much time to put in writing can be easily chronicled in a few minutes' chat by PhonOcord. Further, they have a warmth and a living quality which is lost in the black and white matter-of-factness of the written word.

Christmas greetings, birthday greetings, Mother's Day greetings, etc. also become more personal when recorded.

"A Merry, Merry Christmas" become a fact when the recipient of the wishes hears the voices of those he loves on a record; and Mother's Day holds new meaning for Mother when each individual in the family, including Bowser, records his good wishes and love.

For the person who is ill, a PhonOcord message becomes a magic talisman to while away the weary hours of confinement, to be enjoyed over and over. To a homesick child at school, the recorded voices of the Family bring the warmth and comfort of the familiar.

A PhonOcord voice letter may be played back on a phonograph of any make. Envelopes for mailing may be obtained from your Parkard-Bell dealer. And it costs only a few cents to send a letter by PhonOcord-in a way that will preserve the good cheer of that message forever.

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