PhonOcord Playhouse

Once a PhonOcord party gets under way, folks just naturally start grabbing for the mike. Many people fancy themselves as actors or singers but it's not dif6cult to get even the more timid ones into the swing of it with the suggestion that they try a "specialty" such as an impersonation of a favorite "character". (Remember that Senator Claghorn of radio fame, was just a private "specialty" until Fred Allen overheard it.)

You can make sure of hilarious records by giving each guest a slip of paper with the name of a well-known personality of stage, screen, radio or other field; also a brief speech in character of the person. Jot down typical speeches as you listen to the radio or attend the movies-or make them up. Here are some "naturals" to imitate and a few suggested speeches:

Lauren Bacall: If you want anything, just whistle! Want me to teach you how? just purse your lips-like this and . . . m-mm-why should you learn to whistle when you can kiss-like that?

Humphrey Bogart: So I'm lookin' at you. All right, you can't hang a guy for lookin', can you? Dames! They hate you if you don't-and they hate you if you do.

Charles Boyer: Come wiz me to ze Kasbah. Maybe you will look better to me from behind a veil.

Bob Hope: But seriously, folks, I can tell that the producers at Paramount like me more every day. Their pats on the back are getting lower and lower.

Senator Claghorn (Kenny Delmar): Somebody, I say somebody knocked. Claghorn's the name, Senator Claghorn. I'm from the South. On Thanksgiving Day, when I eat turkey I insist on the part below the Mason Dixon line. Don' interrupt me, son. Your ears are waggin' like a Tennessee mule's-jackass that is! When Congressman Ford's wife visited the Senate, I saw Senator Wheeler in. Wheel-her in-that's a tin lizzie, son! You should be yukkin' - an' you ain't even smirkin'. You're a nincompoop, son-poop, that is!

Dennis Day: Gee, Mr. Benny, I was out with a girl last night-my first date! And after the movie, when 1 drove her home---ooh, what I did! I drove through a red light and. got a ticket!

Cass Daly: Yes folks, when I arrived at that restaurant, a guy said to me-Isn't that Jane Brown over there? Why, no, I said it's that new sunburn make-up . . . I said it-and I'm glad!

Blondie (Penny Singleton): Oh, Dagwood, I don't know what I'm going to do with you! You used to be famous for your mile-high sandwiches but now all I hear on the radio is 'A peekle in de meedle with de mustard on top'.

Other celebrities that lend themselves to impersonations are:
Katherine Hepburn Eddie Cantor Jack Benny Leroy & Margie
Fred Allen Ozzie & Harriett Bob Burns Walter Winchell
Tobacco Auctioneer Dagwood Jimmy Durante Charlie McCarthy
McGee & Molly Mortimer Snerd Mrs. Ransom Baby Snooks
Judge Hooker Mary Livingston Red Skelton Abbott & Costello
Mr. Wimple Gary Moore W. C. Fields Gildersleeve
Rochester Peebee Frank Morgan Danny Kaye
Al Pearce Rudy Vallee Joan Davis Lone Ranger

Note: Perfect your own skill at impersonating stars. Tune them in on your PhonOcord and record their routines. Then play them back and practice until you have their lines and mannerisms down pat.
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