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Cultural Beginnings

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Channeler's Note: How was it possible that a species of intelligent bird-like bipeds could rise from a primitive existence to an interplanetary empire in ten thousand years? Our own human culture is working on that, but we were by no means first! And neither, it would seem, were the Capthraw. The Entity M. Threek-Oon relates that from the very beginning, Humans and Capthraw alike were just two of countless civilized cultures that arose upon the surface of our mutually ancient planet. But like us, they were one of the most successful.

- P. Douglas-Oon

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Like humans, the Capthraw societies and culture grew out of many diverse cultures. Even within any one subculture of old Thrawn, there were many different groups and individuals. Early in our pre-history, the Capthraw spread through the world. There, due to thousands of years of isolation, many wide and diverse cultures developed.

In prehistoric times, the creatures who were to become Capthraw were light-footed carnivores. Good sight, large brains and opposable thumbs gave these early creatures a distinct advantage over their contemporaries. As we became civilized, we turned to raising their own food animals, and eventually crops. By the time the first ancient Capthrawnian cities were built, we Capthraw had become omnivores.

The most successful and dominant cultural blueprint on pre-technological Thrawn was a matriarchal society. The females were physically larger, and generally more aggressive. Property and social status was traced through one's female ancestors. As we became more socially and technologically advanced, the males demanded and received equal treatment and rights. But our leaders always seemed to be females, with a few notable exceptions.

One dominant culture emerged around the same time as Capthraw science was making amazing progress. This country originated as a small tribe in what is now Mongolia. They were the first to use the name "Capthraw."

Originally nomadic wanderers and herders, the Capthraw Nation soon became conquerors. They learned early on that knowledge was power. Their culture and religion was forced upon those they conquered. But they were wise enough not to cast aside any new knowledge or ideas they happen to come across. This was in fact the secret and the reason of their success. A tradition of data acquisition was established early on, and the Capthraw took great pride in their libraries.

A militant core group of bronze-aged Female Capthraw Librarians planted the seed that grew into a global empire. They were the first to conquer and civilize the continent, and later the world. They were at first technologically analogous to the human Roman Empire. All those conquered became full citizens of the expanding empire. Information was readily shared, and even those who were conquered were encouraged to learn.

The result of this was a dramatic increase in technology. The Capthraw had long possessed the brains and the manual dexterity required. Now with a vast pool knowledge from which to share ideas, the Capthraw race was soon off the planet and into space.

Several centuries after discovering radio and the resulting information revolution, a "global" Capthrawnian culture emerged. The ability to communicate with one another anywhere on the planet acted as a unifying force that remained on Thrawn until the end. Once the off world colonies were established, cultural differences again were allowed to grow in an environment of isolation. Cut off not only by space but physically as well.

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