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The Capthraw:
The Off-Worlders

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Seerae CapthrawPrior to the Great Shower, several massive colony ships were dispatched to other stellar systems. These huge spinning worlds were designed for self sustained journeys that could last for several generations if need be. They were accelerated to near-light velocities by a combination of matter/antimatter annihilation and gravity assisted "sling shot" maneuvers with massive celestial bodies such as stars and gas giant planets.

Other groups of enterprising Capthraw had left the planet early in the history of their space faring civilization. They made their living mining the asteroids and comets, living within the planetoids themselves in artificial micro gravity jungles.

Still other groups had taken to modifying the climate of one of the two nearest planets, Seerae, the next one away from the Trawnian sun, and Kraughk, the next one in.

Thousands of years after living in wide varieties of gravitational situations, the Thrawnian life forms developed in relation to the environment they were in. For thousands of generations from near-weightlessness in the countless cometary and asteroidal colonies to the one-third Thrawnian field of Seerae, and isolated by the void many new species developed.

The Cometary Capthraw, comprised mainly of the Dravpheim Syndicate had adapted to a life in micro-gravity, and could not function in any substantial planetary gravity field without the aid of sophisticated technology, which of course they had. Removed from the restraints of gravity, these beings grew to enormous size.

In any normal situation, the environment would be the determining factor in size. But with an intelligent being, the environment was constantly being modified by the Capthraw. So if they "outgrew" a comet colony, they simply built a larger version to accommodate an ever increasing size.

The Seerae Capthraw still retained the outward appearance of Thrawnian Ancestors, except that they appeared as bizarre caricatures of their fore fathers. The lower gravity caused them to develop as tall, thin "stretched-out" versions of their race. Where the comet dwelling Capthraw became like whales, the Seerae Capthraw were like storks.

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