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Green Line

Channeler's Note: The average Capthraw of post-industrial Thrawn were every bit as spiritual as their earlier ancestors. The Entity M. Threek-Oon tells us their concept of "worship" was to live each day to its fullest, and to treat all life as you would expect to be treated. If one views the world as one living thing, of which you are part, then all of nature is sacred. After all, an organism that is harmful to itself is sick, and there for doomed. But like physical illness, spiritual decease can fester for years, and even generations. The Dravpheim Capthraw are a prime example of this.

- P. Douglas-Oon

Green Line

Lost in the mists of time, the beginnings of Capthraw spirituality is but the stuff of speculation. We saw our own existence as but one of countless steps and cycles of reproduction of "Thrawn-Yyeon," literally "Mother Thrawn." The entire biosphere of Thrawn/Earth was looked upon as one living organism. Every living thing comprised a unique and special function for the organism. We Capthraw saw ourselves as the brain cells, central nervous system and reproductive organs of Thrawn-Yyeon.

As a living being, Thrawn-Yyeon was believed to have existed for countless millions of years, usually as an unknowing, unconscious sleeping creature. But during brief spans of its existence, it becomes a conscious knowing being. It matures and reproduces, before slipping back once again phoenix-like into slumber. This cycle of long sleeps and brief awakenings continues until the end of time, when the sun explodes, and will spread the seeds of the cosmic force, "Yyeon-Yyeong" through out the cosmos.

Thrawn-Yyeon was thought to have been grown from these same Cosmic Seeds that were thought to come from the force known as "Dravph-Yyeong," or "Father Space." Polar opposites, Dravph-Yyeong was cold, chaotic, empty and infinite, while Thrawn-Yyeon was warm, ordered, nurturing and limited in size. So it was that the basis of life and consciousness grew from a blending of these two great opposing forces of nature.

At the center of Capthrawnian cosmology, is this dualistic concept of the force most humans would term, "deity." The most basic interpretation of course is Father Space and Mother Thrawn. But this became much more complex as Capthraw society grew and learned the wonders of the physical world.

For is was observed that nature was composed of opposing forces. Light and dark. Heat and cold. Day and night. But we also recognized these forces for what they really were--not linear extremes, but rather cycles. The cycle of the seasons. Of the day. Of all creation. So it was assumed that these natural cycles would extend to the paranormal as well.

We naturally believed that one's soul transcended the physical body, only to be reincarnated again into another physical body. The pre-industrial Capthraw applied this belief to the whole of their society in the form of "Proximity Reincarnation." Entire clans and tribes had striven to keep their spiritual energy alive for generations in this manner. This basic belief remained with the Capthraw and their later descendants who chose to build new worlds off of the home planet.

Green Line

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