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The Star Seeds

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Channeler's Note: The Entity M. Threek-Oon relates that the following regards the birth of our solar system, and forms the basis of many Captrawnian religions. Indeed, the very heart of these beliefs is the acknowledgment of beginning as "starstuff." This concept most likely sprang up after the Capthrawnian culture had mastered physics. After tens of thousands of years the scientific-based culture's spiritual outlook gradually replaced the pre-technological one. This may well hold true for our society as well as theirs.

- P. Douglas-Oon

Green Line

Out of chaos came order. Two massive balls of highly energized elements sat within the void; only a thin line of glowing matter between them. The larger of the two fed on the smaller, sucking up more and more of it's companion.

The more material that streamed in, the faster the mass fueled engine burned. Countless trillions of small atoms squeezed each other together into hotter and heavier atoms. Within this furnace the seeds were created.

Finally this cosmic gluttony came to an abrupt end as the engine bursts forth it's unstable innards in all directions. The effect was an expanding three dimensional spherical wave of all the "stellar stuff." The outer shell was composed of the lighter elements which had made up the surface of the now dead star. This was followed by increasingly heavier and heavier elements that made up the inner gut. Within this was the smaller, growing sphere of the seeds.

Over time the elements began to reassemble themselves together from the force of gravity.

Small chunks became big chunks which became even bigger chunks to form large massive disks of matter turning in the void. Within these disks, small eddies and whirlpools condensed out into spinning balls of hot matter, which raced around an increasingly hotter center.

Finally a point was reached when the weight of the atoms upon one another in the center became so great, that the they started to fuse together. The energy that this released started more atoms to come together. This chain reaction had ignited a small mass engine similar to it's two parents. A self regulating semi-constant energy source had switched on.

Of all the disk systems that formed from the explosion, only in one was a seed to bloom. Inside this disk, two small whirlpools of condensed matter formed on which the seed would be able to flourish on. On the larger of the two little balls of orbiting matter, the Entity slowly came into being.

Just the right amount and mixture of elements, just the right distance from the mass engine's heat, and just the right rate of rotation. From this rapid spin, coupled with it's smaller companion's tidal forces, the molten iron core became an enormous magnet. In the resulting magnetic field, iron compounds queued up in orderly fashion along the invisible lines of force.

Several of these magnetically ordered molecular chains began to crystallize into long, complex and self replicating forms. Forms that became increasingly more complex, had slowly begun to regulate the very conditions that brought about it's own birth.

After billions of circuits around the great heat engine, the entity reached the first of countless reproductive cycles. For a brief sliver of time the Entity became conscious of it's own existence. With this awareness came the ability to transfer the essence of it's being off it's own surface into the void, in hopes that these new seeds would take root in some other system.

At the end of each cycle, the entity would again return to unknowing bliss to await the next time, with the self regulating checks and controls taking over. After each cycle, these "sleep" periods became less and less deep. Finally the entity was able to control it's own destiny over the long stream of time that separated the cycles.

It soon could recall it's experiences and utilize that information towards it's continued survival. It could reach out across the void and directly communicate with the many other countless entities spread throughout the universe, many of which were it's own growing number of offspring.

The Entity was now virtually immortal, completely conscious of it's own being. It could deal with most any problem that was likely to arise, from within or out of it's system. By way of it's many subsystems, it was able to maintain existence as long as the mass engine churned out energy . . .

Green Line

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