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The fact that the PhonOcord combines radio with home recording opens up a brand-new field in home entertainment. Make use of your PhonOcord radio to prepare stunts before the party. Here are a few ideas which will contribute immeasurably to the success of your next gathering:

Record in advance the latest hit as sung by your favorite radio singer during his broadcast. During the party ask a guest who sings to make a record of the same song. Instead of playing back the guest's recording, play back the record previously made of your favorite singer. This is always good for a laugh. Do the same thing with some well known statesman's broadcast on a current topic of interest. Then ask one of your guests to make a record on the same topic, afterward playing back the record you previously made of the statesman's views on the subject.

Do a newscast, which starts off with several legitimate bits of news, then insert an item on one of the guests to be present at the party.

For example: Flash-Hollywood! Miss Renie St. Paul (use name of some well-known film actress) has just announced that she is leaving her husband. Just before planing Reno-wards; Miss St. Paul told your reporter: "The man I love is --(name of guest to be kidded). I've got him under my skin and I don't care who knows it."

Having made this record in advance keep it on hand, then at a scheduled newscast hour, suggest to your guests that it might be interesting to hear the news. You then pretend to turn on the radio, but actually you press the button which starts the record. The results will be sensational!

Another "stopper" is a record made in advance which features "scare" news of the Orson Welles' variety. Your guests, of course, think they are listening to an authentic broadcast rather than a record.

For your own amusement-and the astonishment of your friends-make a recording of yourself singing a duet with your favorite radio singer. Here's how.

Tune in on his or her broadcast, press the button marked "Mixed Recording," and while the singer's voice is recorded as it comes over the air, you sing into the microphone along with your favorite. A duet with "Frankie" or "Bing" or "Dinah"! Who could ask for anything more?

Each recording, whether comic or serious, will be enhanced by a musical introduction. Set the stage by recording in advance the introductory theme of any one of a number of radio broadcasts. It will delight and astonish your friends when you play the record back to hear their speech or dramatic effort grandly ushered in by the stirring theme music of the Boston Pops Orchestra, the Philharmonic Symphony, or, for comic effect, by the chant of the tobacco auctioneer.

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