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Stage III:
The Next Year

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Continental runoff dumps vast quantities of Nitric Acid into the oceans, adding to the increasing carbonic acid and turning the oceans of the world into an acidic cauldron.

The ozone layer is reduced by 90%, allowing more UV-B solar radiation to reach the surface. This, along with the bulk of the rest of the Sun's energy is reflected off the white snow back to space. The resulting cold freezes out more and more of the ocean water in the southern polar regions.

This is somewhat the case in the northern polar regions, except near several of the impact sites. At the ocean sites, the thin crust that healed the wound kept the surrounding water uncommonly warm. Massive undersea magma vents continued to churn up fresh lava. Convection currents were formed by the clash of the cold Arctic water with the impact vents.

The continental sites also remained areas of continued volcanic activity. After a little more than a year, the Ozone layer begins to heal due to the renewing effects of the Solar UV. After several years, it returns to near-normal.

Stage IV - Thirty-Six Years Later

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