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Stage IV:
Thirty-Six Years Later

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The cold weather persists, forcing many of the surviving species into extinction. The oceanic PH shift towards acid has increased to the point that only those organisms that can stand the water survive. All else, including many of the flora and phyto plankton species, the bottom link of the food chain, succumb.

Some hardy vegetation begins to re-establish itself on the land masses. Gone are the vast forests and jungles. The giant trees either were burned outright, froze or were poisoned by the toxic byproductics of the initial impacts.

The skeletal woodlands refused to even rot at first, since most of the microorganisms were also wiped out. What remained was a alien landscape of dead trees, which slowly began to be replaced by a green carpet of grasses.

Carbon Dioxide continues to build up in the ocean, and in the atmosphere. After a couple of hundred years, the CO2 buildup begins to accumulate solar energy, and the world starts to warm up. The floraplankton returns, and the acid ocean begins to neutralize.

Stage V - 216 Years Later

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