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Stage II:
The Day After

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The shroud of acid darkness continues to grow. It covers the Northern Hemisphere, and is beginning to spread southward.

All along the weak areas of Thrawn's subduction and expansion zones, volcanoes burst to life. The shock waves from the initial impacts tipped the balance in many places. The resulting ash clouds added to the expanding darkness.

In those areas already under the shadow of the cloud, temperatures dropped below freezing. Snow continued to accumulate. In less than a week, both hemispheres are enveloped in a global midnight.

A wide strip of nitric acid snow was laid down over much of what was to be known as Europe, North Asia and North America. Most of the floraplankton in the oceans are soon wiped out. As a result, Carbon Dioxide builds up in the oceans as Carbonic Acid and oxygen is not replenished.

After six months, the cloud finally begins to dissipate. The surface however, remains largely frozen and covered by snow. With the bottom links of the food chain knocked out, The ecology of the entire planet literally fell apart. Soon, even the scavengers began to die off.

Stage III - The Next Year

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