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The Capthraw:
The Librarians of Seerae

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Even though communication was maintained, the different life styles and environments led to a kind of social evolution. Over the course of Millions of years, these Capthrawnian off shoots lost touch with one another for the most part, and several of the more distant groups reverted back to savage isolation.

As the "Central Switchboard" for this interplanetary Empire, a system was developed early in the history of the Capthraw for efficient data storage, by way of molecular holography. The data was stored directly in the atomic structure of certain crystallized compounds, and the amazing amounts of information storage was only rivaled by the ease of access. Literally millions of years of data could be stored. And through a direct mental interface, one only needed to think about the desired information to retrieve it. With a vast interplanetary network of micro-satellites spread throughout the stellar system, an incredible data base was built up stretching back to pre-shower times. Even the devastation wrought upon the system by the great shower, as well as what, or should we say, "who" caused it, was fully documented, down to smallest detail.

When Seerae was annexed by the Dravphein Syndicate in the dark years after the Great Shower, the planet was looted, then left to its own devices. Without the trading link from Thrawn/Earth and the embargo imposed by the Syndicate, Seerae/Mars began a slow decline into oblivion. And as their atmosphere slowly leaked away into space, the remaining Seeraeans retreated into modified lava tubes at the base of the massive shield volcanoes.

Here Capthrawnian culture was preserved over the years by a dwindling number of Seeraean "librarians." As the eons passed, the librarians, aware of their own demise, automated this memory system, in hopes that future generations of Capthraw may someday return from the distant stars to reclaim this rich heritage. This faith was based of the "Lost Seven," the seven Multi-Generational star ships launched prior to the Great Shower to colonize the Universe. For they clung to this as the last link to the lost world of Thrawn. It was perhaps misguided hope, but hope never the less.

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