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Thrawn was a world which until its' violent metamorphosis millions of years ago, nurtured a race of intelligent beings that had moved beyond the bounds of gravity into the universe. This living world was unique to the Solar System because of its' wide variety of divergent life forms.

Thrawn was unique in another way. It was in effect, a "binary" planet, with a smaller companion that orbited it. "Chreaus," as it was known to the Capthraw, was a airless world of rock and craters.

The Thrawnian global climate in these times was a planet wide tropical paradise, teeming with living matter. By human standards, it could best be described as "muggy." With a thicker atmosphere and oxygen content almost twice that of "Earth normal," coupled with a high relative humidity, Thrawnian climate remained quite constant. Seasonal variation was much less than your Earth, and even the higher latitudes shared much the same climate as the equilateral regions.

The result was a sort of self regulating greenhouse effect that with higher pressure, humidity and greater oxygen levels allowed the Thrawnian suns' energy to build up to just the right level, kept in check by the Thrawnian biosphere.

The resulting life forms that developed on this world were rich and varied, if not overly specialized. With the greater oxygen in the atmosphere, both flora and fauna flourished and sometimes reached amazing proportions, by modern Earth standards.

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