Traditional Jazz Festivals
From Around The World

"What are you doing for the rest of your life? After all the work is done, you need to party once and awhile! Part of enjoying Jazz is sharing the experience. At the same time, you will perpetuate the music you love: New Orleans, Ragtime, Traditional and Dixieland Jazz! At our festivals you will make new friends! Visit old friends! Enjoy traveling to see this great country's spectacular sights and scenery! Come join us at these festivals! All Aboard!" - Jan Scobey

Of course, being a West Coast Web Site, this initial iteration of the Trad Page is heavily weighted towards West Coast Festivals. Send us information on festivals elsewhere in the world, and I will be more than happy to plug them in! Need Name, Location, Date & Phone. E-Mail addresses if they got 'em. Send to:

For more comprehensive data as to attending bands and such, check out the Dixieland Festivals page from Karen Quick's Dixieland & Trad Jazz Home Page! And for a listing of Traditional Jazz Band Home Pages, check out the WAMS Web Links Page.

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