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For shellac discussions over to the Internet, we recommend the 78-L list server out of Cornell University in New York. The discussions focus on antique phonographics including 78s and cylinders. Members to this list are literally global. US, Finland, Austrailia, Thailand and who knows where else. Quite a pool of knowledge!

For more detailed instructions on using a ListServe of this type, check out "How to Use Mailing Lists" on the Cornell University server.

Hope to see you there sometime!

R.D."Gus" Frederick
Chief Archivist
Wolverine Antique Music Society

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Welcome to 78-L, the discussion group for music and recordings of the pre-LP era. Our intention is to be a broad-based group covering everything from Edison's first tin-foil cylinders to early rock 'n' roll. Thus, we represent a wide range of historical and musical interests, the common element being that what we listen to was recorded at (or near) 78 rpm. The group is not slanted toward any particular type of music or collector interest. Whether you're into cylinders or discs, vintage jazz or big bands, cranking up a victrola or playing your records through modern stereo equipment, we welcome your participation and hope that we can learn from each other and broaden our musical tastes.

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