WaxWorks II
Audio Enhancement

WaxWorks II is a complete 2 channel preamp designed for use with both older monaural records, including vertical cut, as well as newer stereo records. The front panel has four controls including a Null/Balance, Function Switch, Rolloff and Turnover control.

The specs are as follows:

The Mono function sums together left and right input channels and outputs mono on both output channels. The Left function routes the left groove to both output channels. Similarly the Right function routes the right groove to both output channels. Vertical performs an electronic phase reversal of one channel and sums it with the other channel for playback of vertical cut records.

When playing a lateral cut mono record, flipping the function switch momentarily to vertical allows for tweaking of the Null/Balance pot for a null. This will set the unit (and your cartridge etc.) to a near perfect mono mix.

For more information, contact:

Russ Fisher
5336 Tribune Dr.
Orlando, FL 32812

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