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Dawn of Change

I have completed several chapters in this journal, and decided it might be prudent to include some kind of introduction to this work. The events within all occurred after the fall of what first appeared to be a meteorite, but in fact, it turned out to be something far different. Something that would alter the lives of all that have become involved, forever.

This one single event on a warm August evening in 1987 spawned a series of ripples in reality. Ripples that not only applied to the here and now but to the ancient past as well. Assumptions held as gospel for years will come crashing down as amazing new facts come to light. Facts that are substantiated by hard data.

I have attempted to document the events that followed that August evening in a manner that would be both informational and easy to read. Many who read these pages will doubt this "new reality." You can doubt the cycle of the tides, but the water still floods in.

The fact that human beings, and our global civilization was neither the first nor the most advanced to have evolved on this planet will gnaw at our egos for years to come. But the return of the Capthraw, like the tides, can't be denied forever. We can only hope to learn from them, and their long dead culture.

And one day, any day now, the ship will come in. Literally. A Capthraw colony ship, miles in length and populated with thousands of intelligent "bird-lizards," is out there, come towards us. Probably within the orbit of the outer gas giants, this celestial city launched towards the stars over 67 million years ago, will soon return to the skies of its origins.

How will we welcome them? And they us? What will they think about the great changes that their world went through transforming into ours today? And whose world is it? It is the hope of this band of youngsters, both Capthraw and Human, that we will help pave the way for the return of our long-lost dinosaur cousins, and the change it will bring to our world view.

This journal will attempt to document the beginnings of this change.

Doug Richards
Abiqua, Oregon - September 1, 1987

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