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Riddle of the Face

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Channeler's Note: So what of the "Face?" Is it really an artificial construct in the form of a human head, left as a "message" to us? The Entity Threek-Oon's answer is "Yes and no." The Cydonia complex was constructed by the Seeraen Librarians. It's original purpose has not yet been revealed, but the Face was added long after the main complex of pyramids was made.

It was determined by the Librarians, who seeing their own impending demise, that some sort of "marker" be placed on the surface that would draw attention to the inevitable return to Mars of the Capthraw-incarnated beings from the home world. But the creatures on Thrawn/Earth that would eventually become us, had not yet evolved. This explains the almost "Simian" ape-like features of the Face. It was hoped that the re-discovery of the Martian archives would help insure a sort of immortality for the millions of years of data countless generations of Seerean Librarians had worked so diligently for so long. Are the archives located here? Probably not. The Entity Threek-Oon will only say that upon close examination of these ruins, many doors will be opened to the past. In the meantime, check out the Enterprise Mission for the lastest "in depth" information.

- P. Douglas-Oon

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Martian Data Obtained by the Viking Missions

Did NASA, during Viking's unmanned mission in 1976, photograph -- and then inexplicably ignore -- ruins of an extinct, but once highly-advanced civilization on the planet Mars? Is the controversial "Face on Mars" merely the centerpiece of a specifically-designed, artificial "complex?" Here is some background information handy in evaluating the Martian intelligence hypothesis.

  1. Viking analysis revealed a Mars possessing all the elements of life: carbon, hydrogen, nitrogen and oxygen.
  2. Viking analysis also confirmed an earlier epoch in Martian history when life could have originated.
  3. Viking data and current evolutionary theory revealed that, though long enough to create Martian microorganisms, that "benign epoch" would have been too short -- by billions of years -- to have permitted its evolution into intelligence, certainly not human-looking intelligence.

Therefore . . .

If the "anomalies" detected in the Viking images are artifacts, the "Face" is a specific signal to us, -- and the artifacts are product of an intelligence that did not originate on Mars.

General Physics

Thirty years of scientific discussion and observation has led to a general scientific expectation of a universe filled with life.

In those thirty years, the consensus has been that extraterrestrial civilizations wishing to contact neighboring civilizations would "phone home" -- use interstellar radio transmissions.

Recent reappraisals of terrestrial technological capabilities in the next century, however, indicate that sub-light travel between stars -- though extremely expensive and difficult by current engineering standards -- is not physically impossible.

Thus, recent authors on "ETs" in the scientific literature have rightly asked: "why not look for ET-generated physical evidence on near-by satellites and planets?"

For these reasons . . .

There is nothing "unscientific" in suggesting that the Cydonia objects Viking photographed -- including "the Face" -- could be "extraterrestrially-generated artifacts," placed in an environment proven (by Viking) suitable for colonization by an advanced civilization.

Facts supporting the Martian 'intelligence hypothesis'

"Intelligent life on Earth first reveals itself through the geometrical regularity of its constructions." -- Carl Sagan, Cosmos.

Qualitative Observations

  • Discovery of bilaterally symmetric humanoid "Face" in region called Cydonia.
  • Discovery of "pyramids" and other "architectural" objects nearby suggesting the presence of a "city."

Geometrical and Mathematical Analysis

  • Discovery of geometrical relationships linking all relevant objects at Cydonia -- including "Face" -- into one "complex": the "relationship model."
  • Discovery of fundamental mathematical constants -- including "e" and "pi" -- expressed geometrically
  • in one key object: a bilaterally symmetric, five-sided "pyramid."
  • Discovery of identical mathematics -- including "e" and "pi" -- in geometry linking entire "complex": elegant validation of "relationship model."
  • Discovery of direct mathematical connection between siting of "Cydonia complex" on planet -- specific latitude -- and "e/pi" constants expressed geometrically in "complex": hardly explainable other than by intelligent design.

Computer Analysis

Sophisticated computer-graphics analysis and modeling of three-dimensional structure of "face," proves underlying form is not dismissable as "trick of light and shadow."

Computer-graphics reconstruction of resulting three-dimensional "Face" proves facial resemblance persists at all viewing and illumination angles.

State-of-the-art fractal analysis of Cydonia (computerized surface pattern-recognition), demonstrates that "face" and "city" possess unique "non-natural" surface texture patterns, compared to surrounding natural mountains.

Conclusions of All Analyses:

Significant evidence, from variety of disciplines, points strongly to artificial origin . . .
(Source: The Net - Original Author Unknown.)
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