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Stage VI:
The Longterm Aftermath

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VolcanoIt soon came to pass that Thrawn was once again like a clear slate, which the few small survivors had all to themselves. And over the many millions of years that passed, new species appeared and disappeared, many as a result of localized catastrophic and other events.

Geologically, Thrawn was plunged into a period of continued volcanism and great land uplifts. The major mountain ranges of the present time, The Alps, Cascades, Himalayas, Andes, Rockies; all owe their existance at least in part to that one event.

The climatic barriers that resulted further changed the course of life. In fact, the changes set in motion on that one day so many millions of years ago, still continues to this very day.

But never again was there such an event the magnitude of the Great Shower. Not yet, at any rate.

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