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The Capthraw:
The Re-Making of Thrawn

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GaiaThe Capthraw were not unfeeling beings, in fact they were quite emotional at times, albeit not quite in the same manner as human emotions. But most nevertheless lamented the loss of their home world.

Thrawn, though dramatically altered, was not completely destroyed. Numerous life forms evolved naturally from the hardy survivors of the original impact. The remaining life had to adapt to a new cooler world with a thinner atmosphere, and more competition between the surviving groups of organisms. The few Capthrawnian survivors emigrated to the off world colonies, and only a handful returned periodically on informational gathering expeditions and other reasons not as noble.

At first, the planet was to be preserved as a memorial to the memory of their home, monitored by outposts on it's companion world, Chreaus.

Few of the Capthraw at first really figured on returning someday. They had become so adapted to life off planet, that the old world was no longer home. But over the course of time, different Capthrawnian factions returned periodically to manipulate the evolutionary outcome for various reasons.

Since the Thrawnian climate was now radically different, several groups of Capthraw, notably members of the Dravpheim Syndicate, attempted to design a new Capthrawnian race, adapted to the harsher world. A completely new being that would form the basis for the endurance of Capthrawnian intelligence. A biological receptacle in which to reincarnate into, instantly adapted to a changing world.

It was not without failure however. Time and time again, Syndicate manipulated intelligence sprung up on Thrawn, building up complex technological civilizations, only to collapse again and fall back to savagery without ever reaching the same level of interplanetary culture of their creators.

Finally yet another being came onto the scene, again helped along the evolutionary path by the Syndicate Geneticists. After only three techno-cycles, they once again reached the critical double-edged point of nuclear annihilation and space travel, yet for the most part, unaware of their own artificial development and intended destiny.

Green Line

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