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Kraughk: The Evil One

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KraughkThe next closest planet to the Thrawnian sun had a mass that was only slightly less than Thrawn. This world was known as Kraughk, the "Bad Luck" world. For it was once the home world of a long lost race unknown to the Capthraw except in distant folk tales.

Kraughk was a world with an atmosphere thick with CO2 and sulfur compounds. The rotation of this world was such that a day lasted 117 earth days. This fact and the thick atmosphere created a run-away greenhouse world where lead melted like butter on the surface. But the slow rotation created a bizarre side effect: the same face was pointed towards Thrawn each time the two planets made their closest approach to one another.

The legends say that due to a mysterious force, Kraughk once teemed with life like Thrawn, but that the ancient ones had magically slowed down the planet's rotation so that they could "beam" this mystical energy Thrawn. But the gods grew angry and punished the ancient ones by transforming Kraughk into the hell world it remains to this very day.

A few attempts were made at terraforming Kraughk, but when these efforts failed, the Capthraw gave up on this curious planet.

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