WOBURN Credits

WOBURN - Freberg and Kleeb
Kleeb & Freberg run through the score.
WOBURN - Freberg and Kleeb
Billy May Conducts, Freberg observes.
WOBURN - Freberg and Kleeb
Unidentified singer and Peter Leeds.
WOBURN - Freberg and Kleeb
Mr. May looks askance at the composer.

The original five and one-half minute musical you may have heard on the radio is captured forever on side one of this spiffy little LP vinylite pressing. There are those who will say it is a commercial. Ridiculous. Who ever heard of a five and one-half minute commercial? It is simply the heart-rending tale of the American Federation of Gypsies (Local 42); their understandable outrage at Salada Tea's "Instant Fortunes," and their subsequent march on the Woburn "tea tycoons."

For a while, things look hopeless as Grandaddy Salada tries to extricate the soothsayers from the premises. "Tough tea bag!" they cry in retort. "The American Federation of Gypsies are on strike!" Everything comes out all right in the end, however, in this musical pageant which takes place in Salada's parking lot.

The rousing score by Stan Freberg was arranged and conducted by one of Hollywood's most inventive arrangers, Mr. Billy May. He was aided and abetted by Jud Conlon whose moving choral arrangement of the hymn "Woburn" will long be remembered. At least at Salada where its initial playing over the loudspeakers snarled up tea bag assembly for several hours. According to management, "there wasn't a dry eye in the factory"

Side two contains the commercials Salada first brazenly put on the air in their painless new approach to tea advertising and shows you how they sort of evolved into "Woburn!" They are rather amusing, but you are certainly under no obligation to play them. As a matter of fact, if you're a coffee drinker, you'd better NOT play them. They might convert you to tea.

Side 1: WOBURN! The Musical

Side 2: Six Salada Tea Commercials

Salada Tea Commercial 1

Salada Tea Commercial 2

Salada Tea Commercial 3

Salada Tea Commercial 4

Salada Tea Commercial 5

Salada Tea Commercial 6