Dick Tracy in B Flat
Musical Score with Special Lyrics Written for the Show

Command Performance
Cast of Characters
in Order of Appearance

Bing Crosby - Dick Tracy
Dinah Shore - Tess Trueheart
Harry Von Zell - Old Judge Hooper
Jerry Colonna - The Police Chief
Frank Morgan - Vitamin Flintheart
Jimmy Durante - The Mole
Judy Garland - Snowflake Falls
Andrew Sisters - Summer Sisters
Frank Sinatra - Shaky
Cass Daley - Gravel Gertie
Overture - Happy Wedding Day
Whose Dream Are You - Bing Crosby
Who's That Knocking At My Door - Bing & Dinah
I Had A Friend, & I Had A Phone - Dinah Shore
I'm The Top - Bob Hope
A Wandering Actor I - Frank Morgan
Music Goes 'Round & 'Round - Jimmy Durante
Somewhere Over The Rainbow - Judy Garland
I'm Gonna Go For You - Judy Garland, Bob Hope
Whose Dream Are You (Reprise) - Bing Crosby
Apple Blossom Time - Andrew Sisters
All The Things You Are - Frank & Bing
Sunday, Monday, and Always - Bing, Bob, & Frank
The Trolly Song - Cass Daley
Finale - All (Cast)

A gala cast gathered in Hollywood on February 15, 1945 to broadcast for the troops overseas. It was the Armed Forces Radio Service, known as "Command Performance." It was probably one of the greatest radio shows ever put together, and would probably shake up most of the to radio and TV ratings that exist up to today. It would be almost prohibitive to put a show like this together now, but a funnier one would be hard to beat. So listen with "Tongue In Cheek," to this funtastic comedy with music, and reminisce about the great days of radio, and the stars, and the programs that can never be again except in your imagination, or via phonograph records.

Part 1

Part 2

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Andrews Sisters Dinah Shore
Jimmy Durante Bob Hope Jerry Colonna
Harry Von Zell Frank Morgan Cass Daley