Apollo 8 - The LP Record
(Purchased in Eugene, Oregon on 6 November, 2009 - Liner Notes Below)

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Apollo 8 Mission PatchThree Americans, Colonel Frank Borman, Captain James Lovell, and Major William Anders, have become the first men to rocket from the earth to the moon. During the Apollo 8 mission, they orbited 60 miles above the lunar surface and witnessed a lunar sunrise and other phenomena, never before glimpsed by man. People everywhere were inspired by their accomplishments and given a new vision of the Good Earth, fragile and beautiful in the cosmos.

Apollo 8 opened a new era in the history of space exploration, paving the way for manned landings on the moon and future manned voyages elsewhere in the universe. This recording attempts to capture some significant moments of this journey, which may prove as historically significant as the first voyage of Columbus to the New World.

Sperry Rand CorporationThe Univac Division of Sperry Rand Corporation wishes to pay tribute not only to the three astronauts, but also to the thousands of companies which made the mission possible and the many scientists, engineers, technicians, other support personnel, and newsmen, who lived each moment of the flight as if it were their own.

Apollo 8: Man's First Journey to the Moon
Originally Produced by the Sperry Rand Corporation, 1969
Introduction by Wernher Von Braun
Narrated by Bob Considine
Featuring Colonel Frank Boorman, Captain James Lovell and Major William Anders