Portable Recorders
Choice of Equipment

Universal Recording SystemIn this matter, I want to recommend first of all the purchase of a complete portable recording system from a single manufacturer, rather than the purchase and assembly of the individual components. My own experience and that of others in this field has shown that it is impractical for an individual to attempt to assemble a satisfactory sound recording system even when the individual components are of the best a manufacturer states ''the final recording is as good as the weakest link in the chain from mike to the cutting head;" furthermore, the final fidelity characteristics of a system, depend not so much upon the fidelity characteristics of the individual components as upon how well the parts are matched to each other and upon how much equalization is present in the audio amplifier.

A complete portable sound recording system consists of a high-quality microphone, a high-fidelity audio amplifier, a motor-driven turntable, a cutting head, a play-back phono pick-up, and loud speaker for play-back. In general, the first consideration in the choice of a sound recording system is that of fidelity. Obviously, higher fidelity equipment is needed. for recording musical programs than for speeches where higher frequencies are almost completely absent. With systems purchased from reliable manufacturers, price is a good criterion of fidelity.

You must be prepared to invest at least several hundred dollars in your recording system if you expect to record musical programs successfully and secure business from those who desire to preserve every high-frequency inflection of the voice. True, you can get by with a system costing in the vicinity of $150 when it is only necessary to record spoken words so they will be clearly understandable when played back, but such a low-priced system would eventually have to be replaced as your business expanded. Remember: the better your equipment, the easier it will be for you to secure business at a charge which will pay back your investment and give a good profit besides.

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