Portable Recorders
As A Profitable Sideline
By Paul H. Thomsen
N.R.I. Communications Consultant

Paul H. ThomsenAny Radiotrician who is eager to take full advantage of his technical training should consider setting up a sound recording business as a sideline to regular servicing, public address or other radio work. Portable recording equipment of satisfactory quality is now available at reasonable prices from a number of different manufacturers; with the suggestions given in this article, a Radiotrician should have no difficulty in choosing the proper equipment and mastering the simple operating technique involved in making high-fidelity disc recordings which can be played back immediately on any ordinary phonograph.

The first step in setting up a sound recording enterprise is, of course, a thorough analysis of the market for recordings in your community, based primarily upon the volume of business you can reasonably expect from the different types of prospects once you have become established.

Music Recording School Recording
Many orchestra leaders make recordings regularly to aid in developing now arrangements, to study the work of individual musicians in the orchestra, and to Use in securing new out-of-town engagements. Schools and colleges use recordings as aid in correcting speech defects and in teaching public speaking. Portable recorders such as this can be set up in any classroom.
Concealed Recording Radio Recording
Concealed recorders are used by many business firms for training their new salesmen. Improvement is rapid when student salesmen hear their own faults. Recording a radio program with a Presto Junior Sound Recorder. Favorite programs and speeches can be preserved; amateurs and DX fans can secure indisputable proof of reception of far-distant stations.

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