Exotic Percussion
The Exotic Sounds of Martin Denny

Those individuals who are by nature pioneers have a habit of moving onward when an area becomes too well populated. This is true of Martin Denny. Having pioneered the regions of lush and exotic sounds via his Liberty albums, Denny soon found the field too densely inhabited by his imitators. In casting around for new worlds to conquer, he has uncovered some truly remarkable and fresh sounds. Once again he has drawn on his unique ability to extract beautiful music from odd, distinctive and little known instruments.

In this album he uses the exotic instruments of the East to play the beautiful melodies of the West and the twain meet in a rare combination of magnificent sound. The entire effect is fresh and startling a musical experience designed to excite the most jaded ear with vivid, colorful sounds.

The audiophile will be delighted with the technical perfection and the wide selection of the sound spectrum presented in this unique album. The exacting reproduction of these rare instruments with their odd overtone colorations makes this album a truly exciting experience for the sound conscious individual. The stereo fan will discover that the stereophonic version of this album is recorded in the most dramatic manner, providing new and exciting sound thrills.

Exotic Percussion, then, is Martin Denny's newest exploration into the frontiers of music and sound. The expedition is an unqualified success.

The cultures of the Orient have produced many musical instruments which, though they may sound strange to our ears, possess beautiful and exotic sounds. It has long been one of my desires to apply these rare sounds to our own music. This album is the manifestation of that desire.

The instruments heard here were selected because of their beautiful and distinctive sounds and the manner in which they blend together. Although some are not exclusively oriental, all have a quality not usually associated with our music. A list of these instruments with a short explanation of each appears below. We think the listener will share our enthusiasm for the sounds of these rare (some are centuries old) and interesting musical instruments.

- Martin Denny

  • My Tane (My Man)
    (Goupil Gump Noble) 2:40
  • Cumana
    (Allen Spina Hillman) 2:18
  • Softly, as in a Morning Sunrise
    (Hammerstein Romberg) 3:01
  • Day Delight
    (Martin Denny) 2:31
  • Moonlight on the Ganges
    (Wallace Myers) 2:34
  • Cherokee (Indian Love Song)
    (R. Noble) 2:15
  • Misirlou
    (Russell Wise Leeds Pina Roubanis) 2:38
  • Anna
    (Vatro Giordano) 2:07
  • Song of the Bayou
    (Rube Bloom) 3:35
  • Moonlight and Shadows
    (Robin Hollander) 2:56
  • My Shawl
    (Adams Berrids Cugat) 2:25
  • The Girl Friend of the Whirling Dervish
    (Dubin Mercer Warren) 2:29
Tuned Burmese Gongs - Sonorous gongs used in Buddhist temples during ceremonial rites.
Wood Chimes - Bamboo of different lengths, sealed at each end and strung together with twine. A very delicate, woody sound.
Steel Chimes - Clusters of high pitched, hollow steel tubes. Samisen A Japanese lute with three strings.
Magna Harp - A non oriental instrument built by J. C. Deagen. It has an unusual quality which can simulate the sounds of harpsichord, celeste and various other instruments.
Celestette - A miniature celeste.
Ipo - Hawaiian gourd.
Wind Chimes - Small pieces of glass which have been used by the Japanese to ward off evil spirits. They produce a beautiful tinkling sound.
Piccolo Xylophones - A small, high pitched xylophone.
Boo Bams - Tuned sections of bamboo with skins as percussion heads.

The Martin Denny Group:
Martin Denny: Piano, Celeste
August Colon: Bongos, Congas, Bird Calls
Julius Wechter: Vibes, Marimba, Percussion
Harvey Ragsdale: String Bass, Marimbulab
Frank Kim: Percussion

Cover Design: Pate/Francis & Associates

Liberty Records - Album LRP 3168