The Enchanted Sea
The Exotic Sounds of Martin Denny

There are two very good reasons why the exotic sounds of Martin Denny rate high on all popularity lists and best seller charts throughout the world: They are tremendously interesting and they are relaxing two qualities most important to good music.

In every arrangement the Martin Denny group has ever played, the interested listener discovers something new each time he bears it a descriptive chord, a bird call, an animal noise, a soft note all the brilliant individual fragments that blend into the Martin Denny sound at first hearing.

This is no, my opinion alone. The same enthusiasm is apparent in letters from my listeners who welcome and appreciate the relaxation they find in Martin's music. And in today's NA )rid of nervous tension and jitters, relaxation is something we certainly need more of.

I am happy for the success of a man whose talent, enthusiasm and ability to create new ideas have brought a fresh outlook to the field of music. He has proven that there can be advancements made in music, despite current popular fads that seem to bring the whole world of music to the point of stagnation.

It was just recently that I met Martin on a trip to Hawaii, but since that first meeting have felt a close kinship. Because of our mutual interests, I feel I have known him all my life.

Although the theme of this album is built around The Enchanted Sea, Martin has once again managed to Milize several songs unrelated to the theme, but which lend themselves beautifully to his adaptation of the to a Polynesian setting.

Notice, if you will, his Sentimental Journey to a swingin', modern, oriental country; the rippling waves Beyond The Sea (La Mer); the upbeat original Flotsam and Jetsam; the wind and spray splash Beyond The Reef; the soft, gentle and Enchanted Sea.

This is music. - Ira Cook

Ira Cook is one of the most listened to disc jockeys in Los Angeles as he plays only the better pop music on his daily KMPC show. He is a member of the executive board of the Disc Jockeys Association and has written many songs.

  • Trade Winds
  • My Isle Of Golden Dreams
  • Stardust
  • Song Of The Islands
  • Flotsam And Jetsam
  • Beyond The Sea (La Mer)
  • Off Shore
  • Sentimental Journey
  • Beyond The Reef
  • Baubles, Bangles And Beads
  • Cross Current
  • The Enchanted Sea
Producer: Si Waronker
Cover Design: Pate/Francis
Photography: Garrett Howard, Inc.

Liberty Records - Album LRP 3141