Exotica Volume III
The Exotic Sounds of Martin Denny

When Martin Denny's first Liberty album was released, who could have predicted the meteoric rise of his erotic sounds to the number one album seller in the nation.

First gaining recognition and popularity in the Hawaiian Islands, the name of Martin Denny (synonymous with Quiet Village) has become a magic word. The music and sounds he originated have become so famous that he has been copied and imitated by several other groups.

In the notes of the previous Martin Denny albums -- Exotica, Exotica - Volume II, Forbidden Island, Primitiva, Hypnotique, Afro-Desia and Quiet Village--it is obvious that all that could be said about this man and his many talents has been more than amply stated. If by some chance you haven't heard Martin Denny before, listen to Exotica Volume III and you won't really need a description before you . . . you'll know !

In his never ending quest to create even newer and more exotic sounds, Denny has just acquired a collection of Burmese temple bells, cymbals and gongs, ranging in size from those of only a few ounces to some almost too large for one man to lift.

While on an extended engagement at Don The Beachcomber in Honolulu, Denny conceived some exciting ideas for a new album. A quick telephone call to Liberty sent the entire recording staff flying to Hawaii. Exotica Volume III is the happy result.

  • Jungle River Boat
  • Harbor Lights
  • Manila
  • Mama Iti E Papa E
  • Bamboo Lullaby
  • Ringo Oiwake
  • Moon of Manakoora
  • Limehouse Blues
  • Beautiful Kahana
  • Caravan
  • Congo Train
  • Hello Young Lovers
Performing Group On Exotica III:

Martin Denny: Arranger-Composer, Piano, Celeste
Julius Wechter: Vibes, Marimbas, Percussion
August Colon: Bird Calls, Percussion, Bongos, Congas
Harvey Ragsdale: String Bass, Marimbula
Producer: Si Waronker
Photography: Garrett-Howard
Cover Posed by: Sandy Warner, "The Exotica Girl"

Liberty Records - Album LST 7116