The Exotic Sounds of Martin Denny

Having explored so successfulIy the exotic reaches of the Pacific in his previous musical excursions, (Exotica, Volumes I and II, Forbidden Island, Primitiva and Hypnotique), the Martin Denny sound now turns to that richest storehouse on earth, Africa, for its latest inspiration.

Taking the various native idioms and translating them into breathtakingly ear-appealing vignettes, once again Mr. Denny stimulates the jaded palate of everyday civilization with music that is pure escape.

Listening to the subtle blendings of rhythms and voices both human (the Randy Van Horne singers) and Instrumental, in Afro-Desia, one feels that he is being allowed that rare glimpse into other cultures . . . other rooms. We become armchair travelers with our magic carpet, our hi-fi (or stereo) equipment and this album. We see and feel the searing veldt . . . the moody reaches of the jungle . . . a tribal initiation fete and sheer encompassing beauty.

Here, in all honesty, has been recreated that marvelous lost universe of fantasy -- completely appealing, impeccable in its taste and typicallg Martin Denny!

  • Tsetse Fly
  • Ma'Chumba
  • Jungle Drums
  • Cubano Chant
  • Baia
  • Swamp Fire
  • Temptation
  • Simba
  • Mumba
  • Aku Aku
  • Raftero
  • Siboney
Producer: Si Waronker
Engineer: Don Gallese
Cover Photography: Garret-Howard
Cover Design: Bill Pate

Liberty Records - Album LRP 3111