Exotica Volume II
The Exciting Sounds of Martin Denny

In Exotica Volume I, Martin Denny produced sounds of such a fabulous nature as to titilate Hi Fi afecionados the world over. From the Persian Gulf to the Savoy Plaza, letters of praise and exclamation came pouring into us here at Liberty . . . "How were these sounds reproduced?" . . . "What type of primitive instrumentation did he use?" "Was it recorded in the Continental United States?" . . . "Did Liberty send a crew to the South Seas?" . . . And so many more questions we can't begin to list them all . . . Some inquiries were of a highly technical nature from laboratory experts and denizens of the "components" school, etc.

How best could we please all these wonderful listeners was the guestion that furrowed our brows. To attempt a hundred thousand individual answers would be a task far too taxing to even attempt . . . But finally a conclusion was reached with which we think you will all happily agree.

We recorded another album . . . Exotica Volume II. Herein Mr. Denny's imagination has gone even further afield, and with superb Spectra-Sonic Sound giving us matchless fidelity, he has further explored the myriad tinkle of instruments foreign to our civilization, plus fresh approaches on those familiar to our ears.

Never have you heard such wonderful percussive expressions or such reedy, totally uninhibited notes from a saxophone as you will in this album. How does he do it? Take this wonderful journey into exotic lands, and when you return, you tell us.

  • Soshu Night Serenade
  • Isle of Dreams
  • Japanese Farewell Song (Sayonara)
  • Singing Bamboos
  • The Queen Chant (Li Liu E)
  • Wedding Song (Ke Kali Ne Au)
  • Escales
  • When First I Love
  • August Bells
  • Bacoa
  • Ebb Tide
  • Rush Hour in Hong Kong
Cover Photography: Garrett-Howard
Producer: Simon Jackson
Engineers: Val Valentin and Ted Keep

Liberty Records - Album LRP 3077