About WAMS

Silverton, Oregon: The "Wolverine Antique Music Society" was formed for the promotion, preservation and proliferation of music originally recorded using analog means at 78 revolutions per minute, (or there abouts).

The initial focus of W.A.M.S. is to catalog and re-record many of the outstanding music of the pre-tape shellac days onto cassette and CD-R for listening enjoyment today in the 1990s'. From here, we hope to complile Cassettes and CDs of selected artists for our member's listening pleasure, (where copyright law permits).

Needless to say, we have quite a few Text Files available here covering various aspects of the Shellac Habit as well. Everything from standard 3-letter lable appreviations, and condition charts to historical texts about "Shellac Acquisition" from yesteryear. Where to look for Antique Phonographic Supplies? That's here too!

And we have embarked on a "Shellac to Silicon" computerization of our collection. Aside from the obvious use of computer database programs, we are venturing into the realms of multimedia computing. At this Web Site you will find the fruits of this endevour: Select samples of 78 "SoundByte" Windows .WAV files, and a collection of .GIF images featuring scanned 78 record Label Reproductions, 78 record Album Art and other Historic Images of 78 interest: Artists, Technicians and others who contributed to the world of antique phonographics.

Members continue to scour second hand stores and flea markets for any good shellac deposits to add to our now vast library, which so far totals several thousand sides. We will, as time permits, catalog all our other disks. Let us know if you would like to be a part of this growing venture, which is just now becoming an organized entity.